i luv neopetz

honestly? i'll be honest. i started playing this game when i was like 6. because i got a pink poogle mcdonalds toy. it kinda changed my life, cause i've been online ever since!

anyway.. my first acc i never really made any np on or had any notable achievements, but i particularly luved the ixi i had. impy was my baby and it was the two of us against the world!! we played a ton of key quest together against randoms online, at least before it got shut down. i lost impy to an impulsive pound transfer which was a really bad idea.. and she got morphed into something dumb and now rots on someone else's acc. still not over it but she's 5eva in my heart so it's all ok.

im a neopets stock market pro, as shown by my 2% portfolio gain. my fav place in neopia is jelly world. i love looking at old screenie pages, tho no one really does those anymore!!! why!!!! everyone left on neopez.com takes it wayyy too seriously!!!

rip flash 2020 these html5 games just don't hit the same

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